Software Engineer and Puzzle Wrangler
Transmedia & Interactive Experiences Specialist


A CPU based Raytracer written in D following Peter Shirley's Ray Tracing in One Weekend.

Developed with a somewhat functional style of programming and features some improvements to performance such as rendering across multiple cores.

This is my repository of bioinformatics solutions for, mostly written in D. Contains things such as DNA to RNA transcription and GC content counting.

Critter Comforts

Critter Comforts is a game set in the 1907 Mackintosh Tea Room from the V&A Design Collection. You play as Mack the mouse, who must collect scraps of food while avoiding customers who are visiting the tearoom.

Coded from scratch in the space of a couple of days for the V&A Operas & Bridges GameJam. Uses an ECS architecture.

Project Euler

Project Euler solutions in Ruby and D.

WaypointStats Simplifier

Some scripts used to convert a large 20M records MongoDB instance into a much smaller and more efficient SQLite3 database with a typical relational model.


Repo for my ARG related tools. Various steganographic, cipher and crypto algorithms implemented.


Find the most isolated point in in an arbitrary set of 2D points within a reasonable time-frame.


Crypto Pals Challenges written in D. Can brute-force solve XOR encrypted files with enough data.


Chip-8 Emulator written in the D programming language. Runs a little PONG ROM!